Ares Automation

Available in DK, SE, NO & FI



Modular solution - allows you to phase in automation

The ARES cage handling system provides tangible automation benefits to those facilities with limited footprint and budget, allowing a modular approach to automating your cage wash area.

Ares in use
Ares in use
Ares in use

Processes up to 300 rodent cages per hour

Ares can process up  to 300 rodent cages per hour when fully integrated with an IWT rack washer, no-clog waste disposal system  and an accurate bedding dispensing system. As to performance, IWT AUTOMATION equipment has been extensively validated in recent years and the data comes straight from the field - 97% UPTIME is guaranteed.

Return On Investment in 3-5 years

Subject to minimum cage processing numbers, investment in this type of robotic system can be paid back in the short term (2-4 years). The positive impact is felt in terms of reduced staff, compensation costs, personnel recruitment/training and absenteeism, as well as a reduction in spares and component stock levels and storage occupancy.

Ares in use
Ares in use
Ares Control panel

Effective reduction of allergen exposure

A study carried out in Europe (Sweden) focused on Airborne Rat Urinary Allergen (RUA) showed that the safe level of exposure or maximum exposure limit (MEL) for laboratory animal allergens is below 5ng/m3.