BDS Plus

Available in DK, SE, NO & FI

Unique fitting with EasyBHS

The EasyBHS system for dirty side, is able to process all types of bedding (corn, wood or cellulose based) and all the common enrichment and nesting materials (wooden blocks, cardboard tubes, Enviro-dri, Isopads, etc…). The patented pre-filtration is still able to enhance filter life-span in the case of fibrous materials applications.

BDS Plus
BDS Plus Close-up
BDS Plus Filler

True and unique dust containment

The operator tips the bedding directly from the bags into the loading hopper with simple, ergonomic movements. A vacuum pump rapidly conveys the bedding up into the S/S dispensing silo, where it is stored. A maximum level sensor controls the filling operation automatically. The exhaust line is fitted with self-cleaning filters.

Compatible with multiple types of bedding

As a general principle, all kinds of free flowing bedding materials can be processed (corn cob, heavy wood shavings, heavy wood chips).

Plug & Play

The bedding dispensing system is fitted with casters and it can be easily moved and located wherever needed. This, combined with themono-phase electricity utility requirement, make the BDS+ the best “plug & play” machine in the market.

Lowest enviromental impact

Sustainable use of the materials, using new technologies and manufacturing processes that conserve natural resources. Less steel and more recyclable plastic molded parts.