BHS In Line dispenser

BHS - in Line Dispenser with cage inverter

Available in DK, SE, NO & FI



Cages perfectly and consistently inverted

Different mice and rats cages are perfectly inverted with unprecedented consistency and reliability! The clean cage arrives at the motorized conveyor, the cage is drawn into the cage inverter, the cage is turned upside down and, if required, realigned to be perfectly presented for the dispensing phase.

BHS - In line dispenser with cage inverter
BHS Control panel
BHS - In line dispenser with cage inverter

Centralized or stand-alone configurations available for any tunnel washer

The cage inverter can be connected with any tunnel washer in the market.

Flexible to process different types of cage and bedding

Gravity or auger dispensing gives you the flexibility to choose which is the best bedding for you, regardless of whether it is a free flowing or a light bedding. The in line dispenser will operate on any single type of cage, regardless of manufacturer.

Top in class for ergonomics and allergen containment

The cage inverter, working at the tunnel height, allows the operator to collect the fresh cages at the end of the line in the best ergonomic position. The in-line dispenser is provided as a standard with an allergen control kit to maximise operator protection.