Bedding Handling System

BHS - Bedding Handling System

Available in DK, SE, NO & FI



Reliable clog-free system

Highly reliable automated system using a combination of proven technologies (shredder, laminar flow, mechanical mixing,vacuum generators and augers) to ensure totally smooth and simple material disposal and dispensing operations, cutting operator exposure and effort to a minimum.

BHS Possibilities
BHS bedding transport

Effective reduction of allergen exposure

The operator works entirely in front of the horizontal laminar airflow. As a result a high degree of air cleanliness is achieved within the whole breathing zone. Airflow control and suction points within critical bedding handling zones such as the waste dust collection bin are also provided in order to protect the operator against exposure to dust, allergens and any sort of airborne contaminant generated during bedding, dumping and scraping.

Processes all types of bedding, wet and dry

The IWT system alone is able to reliably process all types of bedding, both wet and dry, and all types of enrichment (wooden blocks, cardboard tubes, enviro-dri,shredded paper, etc ..).

Dispenses precise bedding volumes

IWT mechanical dispensing technology via mixer/auger is extremely precise (error margin below 5%) and favours standardization of experiment conditions and reduction of material waste (with a consequent reduction in costs).

Return On Investment in 1-2 years

The positive impact is felt in terms of reduced staff, compensation costs, personnel recruitment/training and absenteeism, as well as a reduction in spares and component stock levels and storage occupancy. The pay-back may thus be achieved in between 1 and 2 years, depending on the options and the amount of the overall investment.