DS36 Bedding Disposal Station

Available in DK, SE, NO & FI



High protection against allergens and contaminants

...during bedding disposal operations. The air from the environment is drawn into the front access opening of the station at an average speed of 0.6 m/s creating a uniform barrier. Thanks to the high velocity of the air, close to the emission point, air-borne bedding dusts are captured precisely and led to the exhaust air system. The air curtain protects the personnel and the surrounding room from bedding emissions in order to guarantee the optimal protection of people and room from allergens. Before being exhausted, the air is drawn through a pre-filter, a bag-filter and a HEPA filter.

Spacious working area

DS36 provides maximum operator comfort and free motion thanks to its spacious access opening. It accommodates large cages as well as smaller ones.

DS36 filter change
DS36 Airflow
DS36 control panel

High cleanability and visability

The working chamber is made of stainless steel and is therefore easy to clean and less subject to accidental denting or scratching. The sidepanels made of Clear Lexan allow good visibility.

Microprocessor controls and safety alarms

An eye level touch pad membrane control system equipped with a microprocessor controls and keeps a suitable velocity of the air stream. An acoustic and optical alarm sound in case the optimal conditions are not meet.