Bedding material for rodents


Available in SE, NO & FI
Aspen bedding


Available in DK, SE, NO & FI
Pure o´Cel


Available in DK, SE, NO, FI, DE, CH, AT & UK
Dryliner for rabbit cages

Aspen Bedding - suitable for all species

Made from fresh, healthy, decorticated trees from toxicologically-free areas. Aspen wood (Populus Tremula) is only burdened to a minimal extent by hazardous substances, and it does not inflict the animals' enzyme activity. Furthermore the aspen wood is soft type of wood which does not contain resin. It has a low bulk density and a high capacity of liquid absortion. Therefore it is an outstanding material to process and use as bedding. Suitable for use in IVC´s and ideal for use within automated bedding dispensers. Autoclavable if delivered in Polypropylene bags.



Pure-o'Cel - suitable for all species

Paper bedding developed to meet or exceed the most discerning requirements of animal researchers, toxicology labs and GLP studies. Precision manufacturing of 0,5 cm (1/4") paper squares assures consistent and reliable in-cage performance. 0,5 cm (1/4") sized paper squares offer 75% more surface area than typical paper squares. Hypo-allergenic. Ideal product for respiratory studies and nude/hairless mice. Animal discharges are instantly noticed on the virgin white paper for quick health checks.

Also available as a blend with 0,5 cm (1/4") Bed-o'Cobs (Bed-o'Cobs/Pure-o'Cel) or with Enrich-n'Nest paper rolls (Enrich-n'Pure) for enhanced enrichment.


Dryliner for rabbit cage type EC2 and EC3

New technology within the paper industry has replaced the former commonly used wet-laid dryliner with a new and improved air-laid dryliner.

This has resulted in a now even lighter, more flexible and also more absorbent material: Air-laid coated paper absorbs 2.5 litres/m2, whereas wet-laid coated paper absorbs only 1.6 litres/m2.

Product code: 19-UNI-220-L

Density: 225 g/m².

Dimensions: 710 x 830 mm.

Sheets per box / boxes per pallet: 100 / 20.

Other sheet sizes are available on request. Minimum purchase: 5000 sheets.