Feeding Needles

Feeding Needles

Available in DK, SE, NO, FI & DE

Single-use oral feeding needles

Feeding needles before autoclave
Dosing Needles demonstration
Autoclaved feeding needles

Special Characteristics

  • Sterilized
  • Larger inside gauge than others on the market with the same external dimensions due to the thinness of the material it is made of. Even highly dense substances can be administered smoothly 
  • The tip of the needle is covered with silicone, which protects the esophagus from being damaged

Pointers for Use

  • In case you need to remove any medical  substances, which are stuck in the tip, make sure that the silicone tip is not twisted by accident
  • Check that the silicone tip has not been bitten by the animals
  • If the silicone tip is wet with purified water, injection will be smooth
  • In case you are using products, which are not  sterilized, avoid steam sterilization (heating)
  • No re-use, due to contamination risks