Treats for Rabbits & Guinea Pigs

Timothy Cubes

Available in DK, SE, NO & FI
Timothy Cubes

Timothy Hay Mini Bales

Available in DK, SE, NO & FI
Timothy mini hay bales
Rabbit Guinea Pig

Timothy Cubes

  • Each cube contains 100% sun-cured Timothy hay
  • Provides the best source of fibre for rabbits and guinea pigs, aiding in digestion and maintenance of a healthy GI Tract
  • Eliminates the mess of bringing in loose hay, saving time and labour costs
  • Nutritionally assayed & contaminant screened
  • Suitable for use in tox and GLP studies
  • Sterilization available by gamma irradiation
  • Shelf life: 24 months cool dry storage
  • 8.63kg box (3-7gr per cube)
Rabbit Guinea Pig

Timothy Hay Mini Bales - sterile

  • 100% natural sun-cured timothy hay
  • Loose timothy hay is sold in 30 ounce mini bales
  • Roughage aids in natural digestive process
  • Use as a routine supplement for beneficial therapeutic effects
  • Inexpensive and healthy enrichment for a variety of species
  • Gamma irradiated to kill natural biological contaminants typically found in fresh hay
  • Sizes: 30 cm x 10 cm
  • Weight: 1kg
  • 4 Bales/Pack