Remote Alarm System (RAS)

RAS - Remote Alarm System

Available in DK, SE, NO & FI



Wireless Equipment remote monitoring:
Immediate alert in case the equipment is not working properly

RAS is a wireless system designed for monitoring  (especially, but not only) the status of Air Handling Units.

It is able to transmit through an antenna (transmitter TX) an RF signal for every kind of alarm that occurs on the AHU, to a specific receiver (RX) that displays on the screen the alarm itself. The RX can be installed everywhere inside the facility, compatibly with the right level of power RF signal received (a field assessment before ordering the product is necessary).

If located outside the clean area, the RX allows the facility manager to do not waste time for carefully checking all the AHUs one by one.

RAS - Working principle
RAS - Flexible solution
RAS - manages up to 100 units

User friendly:
Easy to install and intuitive to use

The setting is intuitive and enables the operator to use the productimmediately and without a specific training.

Can be installed in existing facilities

One RX can manage up to 10 different TXs. If there is more than one RX, there is another component, called collector (CX) that can manage them, up to 10 different ones.In this way, the RAS system can manage up to 100 different equipments inside the same facility.