Wireless data (WDM)

WDM - Wireless Data Management

Available in DK, SE, NO & FI

Equipment remote control & automated data collecting

  • WDM - Wireless Data Management, an exclusive wi-fi software developed to monitor and control:
  • The functioning of the equipment
  • Or emergency situations
  • Allowing at the same time to collect data related to the experiments inan exact, reliable and inexpensive way.
WDM contact
WDM with mobile use
WDM architecture

User friendly

Easy to install, easy and intuitive to use. Training is quick: Only one session is needed for all Tecniplast products in your lab.

Cost saving

Activities that had to be performed on the spot can be now carried out remotely, with an internet connection and a PC or a mobile phone!


You can access the software with a simple internet connection through your mobile phone or your PC, without any need for dedicated hardware and/or software.