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A SCANBUR AirShower provides efficient removal of pathogens from clothing or skin when entering your animal facility. Thereby the health of your animals is protected and a high quality of your research is supported.

When handling animals or cages, allergens can deposit on clothing and skin. And if allergens are not efficiently removed when leaving the facility, they might be transferred to other persons and cause allergic reactions. The SCANBUR AirShower reduces such a risk to an absolute minimum.

Employees, researchers or other visitors can only enter or leave your facility after an automatically activated cleaning process. Thereby, standard operating procedures are always complied with.

Compared to conventional showers using water, a SCANBUR AirShower is a lot faster, and it prevents queues at the entry. Typically, the cleaning process only takes 45-60 seconds.

The SCANBUR AirShower has interlocks on the doors, ensuring that it cannot be opened during a cleaning cycle. Doors can be hinged to the left or to the right, depending on local conditions such as traffic patterns, supply routes and the position of walls or furniture. Door width is 90 centimeters or as an option 100 centimeters, if large pieces of equipment should be able to pass through the unit. It can even be supplied with an extra door allowing access directly from either the women’s or the men’s changing room.

Connection points for decontamination with VHP (vaporized hydrogen peroxide) are also available as an option.

A SCANBUR AirShower is an easy to install barrier between your animal facility and the surrounding environment.

More than 200 SCANBUR AirShowers have been installed at pharmaceutical and biotech companies and at leading universities.

Contact us for more information on SCANBUR AirShowers designed with a clear objective of achieving:

  • Optimum animal health
  • High scientific quality
  • A best in class working environment
  • A unique cost of ownership