BS48 BioSafety Cabinet

Available in DK, SE, NO & FI



Double configuration class 2 biosafety cabinet & cage changing

BS48 is a cabinet designed for animal research laboratories and it is configurable by the operator for two different kinds of use:

BIOHAZARD CONFIGURATION:Through the simple substitution of the removable frames of the working area, the cabinet automatically configures in class II BSC version, modifying the velocity of the frontal barrier so that it complies with EN 12469 norms for class II BSC. The work surface for BSC II configuration is composed of four drilled stainless steel frames easily removable and autoclavable.

CAGE CHANGING CONFIGURATION:The work surface for the cage changing is composed of two easily removable frames, built in sound absorbent, anti-scratch and autoclavable material. In this configuration, the height access opening is 290 mm.

BS48 Biohazard configuration
BS48 Cage changing configuration
BS48 airflow
BS48 Biohazard configuration

Tüv certificate & ultimate safety

BS48 is the first and only TÜV certified and GS-TÜV mark Biosafety Changing Station designed both for cage changing and experimental procedure biohazard class 2 configuration complying with the European Standard EN 12469.

The machine is provided with all the alarms required by the international standards for class II Biosafety Cabinets which comply with the EN 12469 norms.

Ergonomically designed

BS48 is ergonomically designed for maximum user comfort thanks the slanted glasspanel.

BS48 Filter change
BS48 UV-Light
BS48 display

Microprocessor controls

The machine is provided with a control system with a microprocessor which automatically controls the velocity of the laminar air flow and of the air curtain and which constantly monitors the working condition of the cabinet.

Standard UV-C light

Integrated in the back of the unit; the UV motorized system opens the door of the UV-C lamp;it does not create turbulences in the laminar flow since it folds away into the rear of the wall, 90°to its previous position.

Easy service & maintenance

BS48 is very easy to clean since all the inner and outer surfaces have rounded corners. The pre-filter support is U-shaped, preventing dust from bypassing the pre-filters. The access to the HEPA filters and to the motor blower is made easier by a removable panel.