BS60 BioSafety Cabinet

Available in DK, SE, NO & FI



Ideal for rats

The BS60 has a very large work area that allows the user to have sufficient space while changing cages without the edge of the glass obstructing freedom movement. This large area makes theBS60 ideal for rat cage change.
Height access opening: 290 mm / 11” 3/8.

Optimal safety

BS60 provides a safe cross-contamination free work area for handling animals and protects operator and environment from exposure to allergens by a very strong  frontal air barrier.

BS60 filter change
BS60 working
BS60 front grid

Ergonomically designed

The 10° inclination of the glass allows good visibility of the work surface and inside the cages.



BS60 airflow
BS60 display
BS48 working

Option: Double configuration; Class 2 bio safety cabinet & cage changing

BIOHAZARD CONFIGURATION:Through the simple substitution of the removable frames ofthe working area, the cabinet automatically configures in class II BSC version, modifying thevelocity of the frontal barrier so that it complies with EN 12469 norms for class II BSC.

CAGE CHANGING CONFIGURATION:The work surface for the cage changing is composedof two easily removable frames, built in soundabsorbent, anti-scratch and autoclavable material.In this configuration, the height access opening is 290 mm / 11” 3/8.