BSD60 BioSafety Cabinet

Available in DK, SE, NO & FI



Mobile biosafety changing station

The BSD is designed for animal research laboratories to guarantee the protection of the operators from the inhalation of infectious particulates, dust, allergens and pathogens as well as excellent protection of the animals from contaminants by minimizing the exposure to aerosols and ensuring environmental safety.

Increased flexibility & comfort

Simply by inserting a password the operator can carry out cage changing operations or microbiological activities in Class II Biohazard configuration. An auto-lift working surface system helps the operator, during normal changing station procedures, to easily introduce and remove the cages.

Excellent safety level

The pressurized air driven into the plenum of the main motor-fan passes through the HEPA filters and then downwards, in a laminar flow (Class ISO 5, according to ISO 14644-1), into the working chamber. From here, through the perforated surface, having mixed with the external air which enters the cabinet from the front opening, it is sucked trough the pre-filters, into the intake up-channel situated at the rear of the work chamber. Part of the air is exhausted through the exhaust HEPA filter.

BSD60 with cages
BSD60 UV-light

Enhanced control panel

The soft-touch control panel is microprocessor-controlled with a display showing all relevant data such as operating functions and the various alarms and the error messages.

High level cleanability

The BSD 60 is very easy to clean since all the inner and outer surface have rounded corners.The unit is supplied with easy access pre-filters located in the rear of panel to prolong the lifespan and efficiency of the HEPA filters.

Ergonomic design

An adaptive ergonomic design featuring adjustable working height. This creates a safe, comfortable and convenient work area which improves staff performance and productivity.