IBS - ISOcage station

IBS - ISOcage BioSafety Station

Available in DK, SE, NO & FI



Designed for animal research activity in ABSL3 level

The ISOcage System improves containment and protection for both personnel and environment from the inhalation of infectious particles, hazardous pathogens, dust and allergens contained at cage level during animal handling procedures. The ISOcage Biosafety Station ensures a high degree of protection during cage changing operations and during experimental procedure thanks to the high Containment Factor controlled by the strong Air Barrier.

Total containment

IBS combines the performance of a Biohazard Class II Type A2 Cabinet and of a work station ideal for handling safely anything that enters or exits from the cabinet working area.

A “Dunk Tank” is connected on the right side of the cabinet. The tank is equipped with interlocked doors that allow to maintain the barrier between dirty and clean side thus preventing environment contamination.

IBS Station total containment
IBS Station
ISO Cage
IBS Station total containment

Soft touch control panel

Soft touch electronic control with luminescent graphic display is located in an easily accessible position.

Easy cleanability

The IBS is very easy to clean since all the inner and outer surface have rounded corners.

Standard UV-C light

Integrated in the back of the unit; the UV motorized system opens the door of the UV-C lamp; it does not create turbulence in the laminar flow since it folds away into the rear of the wall, 90° to its previous position. The duration of the sterilization cycle may be programmed via the control panel.

IBS Station soft touch panel
IBS - Easy cleanability
IBS UV-C light
IBS filter

Option: Autoclave transfer chamber

The transfer drum (as option) is designed to house contaminated Iso?cages and tops in order to transfer them to the autoclave. The chamber is connected to the changing station by means of an air-tight double door that prevents environment contamination.