CS5 EVO GP Changing Station

Available in DK, SE, NO & FI



Evolution of the Animal Cage Changing Station

The “CS5 EVO” GP is the ultimate Dual Access Animal Cage Changing Station with a superior ventilation system and airflow balancing technology providing personnel, environment and product protection during animal handling procedures. The CS5 EVO “GP” series install new generation motors - electronically commutated (EC), brushless DC motors. Top quality electronics and design make “GP” motors extremely efficient, quiet and reliable. Electronically commutated (EC) motors offer silent, infinitely variable speed control and significantly reduced power consumption compared to traditional AC technologies.

Ergonomic design

  • Easy to move
  • Angled viewing windows
  • Electronically controlled fluorescent lamps positioned outside the working area
  • The work surface height is electrically adjustable for ergonomic comfort
  • The ergonomic stainless steel integrated push/pull bar allows easy handling of the cabinet
  • When fully lowered to a height of 1921 mm (75.6") the cabinet can be wheeled from lab to lab

Design for ECO-sustainability

Sustainable use of materials, using new technologies and manufacturing processes that conserve natural resources. Less steel and more Hi-Tech plastic molded parts. Sturdy construction and modern design.

Increased efficiency

  • Large work area for one or two operators
  • Large work access opening - easy to introduce and remove cages
  • The work surface comprises two easily removable frames, built of sound-absorbent,anti-scratch, autoclavable material
  • Innovative dual configuration working surface design
  • Innovative  airflow grille design
  • The elastic property of the plastic (polymer) is far more durable and crash resistant than others materials traditionally used for cage changing stations (proved by crash test analysis).

Acoustic comfort

Unique Tecniplast plenum design minimizes noise and vibration