ScanFlow / LAF

ScanFlow LAF Cabin

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Triple protection

  • Protects staff from exposure to allergens
  • Protects animals from possible contamination
  • Protects the environment: Eliminates spread of dust particles, allergens and pathogens to the room during animal handling and cage stacking 
  • Staff is not restricted by limited work space and openings (as they are when working in a cage changing station)
  • Prevents cross-contamination between cages, Scantainers with open non-filter-top cages can be cleaned out with no risk

Equipped with ECO fan

Which reduces the energy consumption and heat load with up to 66%.

ScanFlow in use
ScanFlow cabin
ScanFlow table

Cage handling

Imagine a cage change where all procedures are handled within a sterile area?
The ScanFlow gives your full protection of the animals and the clean cages and materials during cage change. At the same time the downflow protects the operator against hazardous allergens from the animals and the stacking of dirty cages.


Imagine to have a perfect working position and to focus 100% on the animals?
Having a sterile area from roof to floor allows the operator to optimize the ergonomics and thereby reduces the risk of repetitive movement injuries.

Ease of operation

Imagine to work safe without reading a long SOP?
It is very easy to follow the right SOP in the ScanFlow. As long as the researcher or the animal technician stays in the cabin, they will be protected. With the touch panel, it is easy to choose the right working mode between the 3 standard programs.


The ScanFlow has been validated on both allergens and particles. The test on allergens showed that the cabin will reduce the allergen exposure by 90% and by following the right SOP, all allergens will be removed from the breathing zone.