DownFlow Module

DownFlow Module

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Do you need a class A environment?

The Downflow Module provides a class 100 zone according to Fereral standard 209D. It is designed to protect your tests or procedures from contamination.

The Scanbur Technology DF module is a highly developed unit used to protect material to be handled inside the working area. The unidirectional airflow in the working area protects the material against contamination from the surroundings.


The DF module let you create a clean zone tailor-made to your requirements with a standard product, this gives you a quick, easy and cost efficient solution. We join the modules together on your site to your requirements.
Our standard down flow modules are stand-alone units based on 100% re-circulation through HEPA filters.

Special flow sensor that automatically adjusts the down-flow velocity to ensure that the given values remain within those quoted above at all time and compensating for the reduction in velocity resulting from the gradual built-up of particles in the HEPA filter. Soft touch control panel: Full speed, half speed, full light, half light, emergency stop visual down flow alarm.

DownFlow in use

  • Animal procedures - transfer, marking, weighing, surgery, blood removal
  • Buffer storage for autoclaved equipment (cages, lids, tops, bottles, etc.)
  • Cage preparation area for dispensing of bedding, diet, enrichment and water
  • Sterile corridor from the autoclave to e.g. preparation area, cage change area, etc.