Available in DK, SE, NO & FI



Unique Technical Features

The “push and pull” valve with fine tune flow control prevents accidental water loss and allows for the end user to adjust flow to each tank. Each valve has a visual indicator which allows the operator to see at a glance if a tank has the proper water flow or is static. Many of our systems come standard with a unique pressure equalizer to guarantee consistent flow at each tank level.

User Friendly Design

Ergonomic design provides convenient access to each level.

XenopLus Albino
XenopLus normal

Monitoring System

All water quality parameters are constantly displayed 24 hours a day on the touch screen system controller which is available on all XenopLus systems. The water parameter settings are password protected to allow only authorized staff access to this important function. Our water change is completed over a 24 hour period to provide the most consistent water quality and avoid sudden changes to the environment.  Low level water protection prevents equipment damage and further protects your animals.


The XenopLus tanks are available in 13.4L and 27.0L sizes. Tanks are easily accessed while on system through the sliding lid feature. Internal standpipe design allows for routine debris removal and easy tank draining while on system. Each tank is capable of accommodating all life stages with available drain attachments (drain cover).