iSpawn - Zebrafish Spawning

Available in DK, SE, NO & FI



The iSPAWN allows thousands of synchronized embryos

iSpawn is streamlining the process of collecting large numbers of developmentally synchronized embryos in precise windows of time.

Easy to use, one movement-operation

During the evening, males and females are sequentially added to the system, and are divided by a separator. The next day, when embryos are desired, the separator is removed and the spawning platform is lifted to initiate the spawning event.

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iSpawn operation

Complements natural Zebrafish behavior

The iSpawn capitalizes on the natural tendency of zebrafish to spawn in shallow water. The innovative design of the platform promotes group mating behavior that results in intense bursts of embryo production.

Scientifically proven

The system has been successfully field-tested in one of the largest and most active zebrafish laboratories in the world.