DCC - Dynamic Containment Cage

Available in DK, SE, NO & FI

High level of protection against allergens and hazardous chemicals

The Dynamic Containment Cage system is able to protect thanks to the negative pressure mode of the blower, which prevents allergens and other contaminants to spread into the room. The unique Boost Mode is activated to protect the operator even when the cage is partially open: you can access the animal for inspection or food refilling, whilst the powerful air barrier prevents any compound or metabolite escaping from the cage.

Ergonomic design

The DCC is highly ergonomic because it is “drawer designed”.

DCC cage
Dcc airflow
DCC rack

Drawer style cage extraction

Special runners allow the cage body to simply slide in and out, like a drawer. The whole cage can easily be extracted from the rack, or you can remove just the cage bottom, simply flipping the purple locker in front on the cage. Adding more diet or changing the bottle can be done with the cage on the rack.

Last generation electronics

The Boost Slim is an air handling unit that is fitted with a wide and intuitive touch screen. It controls the speed of the exhaust blower, while displaying the temperature, relative humidity and ACH. The Boost Slim is equipped with a battery backup, in order to maintain the ventilation when the unit is moved, or in case of power failure. The operative system is able of Data Logging, Error Logging and can export the parameters through a USB connection.