Drawer style - DCC

Drawer style - DCC

Available in DK, SE, NO & FI



Designed for toxicology and pharmacology studies

Delivers maximum ergonomics for frequent animal handling. The cage body extraction ensures easy and quick access to the cage occupants. The cages are developed with optimal visibility for a quicker daily check and offers different caging systems for different level of personel protection.

Drawer style - DCC
Drawer style - Easy access
Drawer style - Negative pressure, boost mode

Dynamic containment cage - Drawer-style

BOOST Function:  

  • The increased ventilation rate creates an air flow barrier and real negative intra-cage pressure whenever the cage is opened: Maximum personnel protection against hazardous compounds and allergens also when cages are open
  • Specifically designed intra-cage ventilation pattern: Extended cage change interval for lower running costs.
  • Negative pressure mode: No contaminants are spread into the room, ensuring protection for the operators
  • Automatic Visual Docking Indicator and Cage-Self Locking System: Operator can immediately see if the cage is properly in place for a safer and easier daily check.