Drawer Style Small Rodents

Drawer style - small rodents

Available in DK, SE, NO & FI



Designed for toxicology and pharmacology studies

Delivers maximum ergonomics for frequent animal handling. The cage body extraction ensures easy and quick access to the cage occupants. The cages are developed with optimal visibility for a quicker daily check and offers different caging systems for different level of personel protection.

Drawer style - Easy cage extraction
Drawer style - Easy access
Drawer style - Easy feeder refilling
  • External feeder and water bottle for quicker and easier refilling: Ergonomic and time-saver
  • AISI 316 S/S wire bar lids integrated to the rack’s frame that can be detached with no need for any tool: Compatible with common washing equipment
  • Plastic card holder with flip-up-stay-up feature and plastic runners to reduce noise- and vibration-induced animal stress.
Drawer style - Easy bottle change
Drawer style lid
Drawer style - Easy removal of lid

Conventionel drawer style

Two cage sizes available to adapt to any housing  requirement: 

1500U:    1500 cm2 floor    area 

2000P:    2065 cm2 floor area