Digital Ventilated Cage (DVC)

Digital Ventilated Cage


Available in DK, SE, NO & FI



Digital Ventilated Cage (DVC™) will transform your facility into a digital vivarium - standardization of housing, animal welfare, vivarium management and research.

Seven digital modules will 24/7 capture and record data about housing conditions, occurances and activity inside all the DVC cages of your digital vivarium without disturbing or affecting the animals:

  • BEDDING CONDITION - detects changes in bedding moisture
  • FOOD & WATER - an infra-red system is embedded in the runners to detect food and water levels and if a bottle is placed properly
  • ANIMAL ACTIVITY - by means of a sensor plate, the system software captures digital data to detect daily anomaly animal activity patterns
  • LEAK DETECTION - detects water leakage inside the cage and sends an automatic alarm to operators for immediate action
  • DVC FACILITY PLANNER - improves vivarium daily workflow, task assignment and utilization of resources
  • CAGE IDENTIFICATION - easily identifies cages in your vivarium that need special attention or follow up
  • INVENTORY - detects cage occupancy, locates all the DVC vivarium cages in real-time and provides automatic billing

DVC components are: DGM Rack, DVC Sensor plates, RFID top holder(s); RFID reader(s); DVC master; DVC software.