IVC - Individually Ventilated Cages

The IVC-systems ensures that the animals are fully protected by use of HEPA-filters (High Efficiency-Particulate Air) that defends them from all micro-organisms. A process of sterilization of all items to be passed in to the barrier unit including bedding material, food etc. must be performed. (Please see the section Cage Handling)

The cages are usually made out of special synthetic polycarbonates. Although this material allows various methods of sterilising and disinfecting to be carried out, repeated sterilisation can cause discoloration and brittleness. In order to find detergents which focus on this issue, please take a look at the section "Detergents" which you will find under the section of Washing Systems.

You will in this section find various systems for handling the air change inside the cages, and as we know humidification is of major importance the ScanClime offers you the possibility of controlling both the airchange as well as the humidification.