Blue Line Next for mice & rats

SealSafe Next Blue Line

Available in DK, SE, NO & FI



Housing Flexibility for mice & rats

Sealsafe NEXT 1145T

A shoe box cage type which allows a higher density in the same rack footprint when compared to other sizes such as Type II long or similar. The new food hopper design allows accessibility to the food for the animals on more sides thus guaranteeing an optimal housing environment solution in such a compact space.

Sealsafe NEXT 1285L

The most used and versatile mouse cage model, known as “Type II Long”: it can be used for stock as well as for breeding.

Sealsafe NEXT 1291H

A cage designed for rats with the additional features of being the so-called “same cage”: it can be used also for adult mice thanks to its design, without changing any components.







Higher Density and Improved Visibility

The new compact top and rack design make Sealsafe NEXT one of the highest density IVC systems. Also it offers an improved visibility inside the cage for the daily check thanks to the new lid design.

Tested Cage Airflow Design

A preference test has demonstrated that mice prefer cages having the air supply in the top. Inlets in the top prevent the animals from being exposed to air drafts and consequently from potential anxious behavior and stress.

Dual protection for animals and operators

Sealsafe NEXT provides protection from contaminants and pathogens to the animals as well as to the operators. It can be run either in positive or negative pressure mode.

Blue Line allows easy access
AirFlow inside 1145T
Blue Line latch
Blue Line in use

External Self-centering Water Bottle

The water bottles  are fitted with a cone shaped AISI 316 stainless steel cap that, together with the slope of the bottle depression, maximizes water availability.



For Cage:

  1. Cage body with grommet, for auto watering
  2. 1145T wire bar lid with external bottle in the front and food hopper in the back.

Cage Self-Locking System (CSS)

The rack plastic runners feature stoppers that allow the cage to lock into place automatically with a flag indicator that indicates if the cage is fitted properly.

For Rack:

  1. Rack with automatic watering system
  2. Quick disconnecting magnetic joints (connecting AHU to rack or rack to rack)
  3. Flexible hoses (available in several lenghts).