SUMC - Single Use Mouse Cage

Available in DK, SE, NO & FI



Flexible single use cage for mice

  • Disposable cage for special applications
  • Designed to be completely compatible with Sealsafe Plus racks
  • Easily adaptable from transport to IVC configurations
    SUMC for IVC
    SUMC waterbottle for IVC
    SUMC for transport
    SUMC waterbottle for transport

    Full flexibility - One cage for many purposes

    • Animal transportation
    • Quarantine
    • Stocking contingency caging in case of an emergency
    • Temporary housing solutions
    • Irradiation studies
    • Satellite facilities with limited washing capabilities
    • Work in biotech start-up companies with limited resources

    Easy transfer from transport to IVC and vice-versa

    When receiving SUMC cages in transport configuration, it is enough to fit the IVC adaptors and top to get the IVC configuration, which is compatible with all Green Line racks. The transport bottle is specially designed to avoid vibration related water leaks.