Wi, Smart & Easy Flow

Wi Flow, Smart Flow & Easy Flow

Available in DK, SE, NO & FI



Low energy consumption and heat emission

Heat emission is 90% less and power consumption 50% less than the old generation of AHU´s. 

High reliability

The 24-volt DC blowers generate less heat and thus less wear and tear of the mechanical components meaning that the life span is longer than for an average AHU.

Eco-compatible design

Smart and Easy Flow consist of a rigid Stainless Steel main frame and a high resistance, hygiene friendly and recyclable plastic cover. The production of CO2 during the manufacturing process is low thanks to the optimization of Stainless Steel usage and the manufacturing process.



Light and ergonomic

The air handling unit is lighter and easier to roll in and out for sanitation purposes. The pre- and HEPA filters are also easy to remove and change.

High monitoring and security:

Remote Alarm System (RAS) &
Wireless Data Management (WDM)

RAS is a wireless system that monitors the status of the AHU.
Please click here to read more about RAS

WDM is a Wi-Fi software package that monitors and controls remotely all the working conditions of the AHUs and keeps a constant record of the parameters. You can read more about WDM here.

Safe for animals/operators/environment

Every single air handling unit manufactured is tested for filter integrity and HEPA filtration efficiency through the DOP test. This guarantees the tightness and functionality of the HEPA filters once installed in the frame of the unit, assuring safety for animals, operators and the environment.

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