Bedding & Nesting

Bedding & Nesting Material

  • Accredited Manufacturing Process - All wooden bedding products are manufactured in accredited facilities in accordance with stringent guidelines, and they are subject to consistent quality assurance procedures
  • Standard Particle Sizes - Production procedures are designed and calibrated to ensure consistency of product specification
  • High Quality Raw Materials - All wooden bedding products are manufactured from raw materials from clean and sustainable sources, grown in areas free from pollution
  • High Absorbency - In all wooden bedding products moisture levels are monitored and, if necessary, the wood is heat dried in order to ensure the high-absorbency necessary to control ammonia levels within the cage, and in order to provide a dry comfortable environment for the animal
  • Virtually dust-free - Dust extraction methods are used throughout the manufacturing process
  • Certificate of Analysis - Every batch of wooden products is sampled and analysed for microbial and chemical content as well as for environmental poisons.  Samples are retained for 5 years
  • Traceability - Recorded batch numbers and filler tickets for every bag allow traceability from raw material to delivered product
  • GLP - Strict GLP bedding and nesting material standards are met
  • Packaging & Sterilisation - All products are supplied in a variaty of packaging suitable for e.g. autoclaving, sterilization, irradiation, etc.
  • Storage - In clean, cool and secure warehouses with stringent pest control procedures