ESP Line

ESP Line Bottle Washers

Available in DK, SE, NO & FI

More Value Added in the Entry Level

Single-nozzle bottle wash, calibrated rinse pattern, interactive touch screen for total cycle control, in-line filter cartridge for ease of maintenance, sliding glass-door for process inspection and heat recovery system to recycle precious heat from the wasted water.

Outstanding, Proven Performances

  • The high performance s/s cylindrical jet nozzles drive the water inside the bottle with an impressive mechanical action.
  • A special high temperature cycle assures tape-indicator turning and microbiological challenge test passed without resorting to detergent.
  • Proven throughput performances up to 1000 set / hour (bottles + caps individually washed).
ESP E-Line
ESP P-Line
ESP E-Line
ESP Filter change

Modularity Concept Portfolio

The diversified portfolio, developed over a modular platform (ESP line), makes possible several combinations all together divided into 3 main lines:

Line-E: ERGO Basic modular system for ergonomic and efficient bottle processing.

Line-S: SERVO Modular servosystem to achieve efficient and effective bottle washing.

Line-P: POWER Fully automated and highly performing bottle processing system.

ESP P-Line
ESP P-Line nozzles
ESP P-Line Tunnel
ESP P-Line Caps

E-Line starts with the high level bottle washer combined with plenty of modular tables(emptying, de-capping, filling, buffering, re-capping,…) so as to create ergonomic and smooth functioning in-line and stand-alone operator managed bottle solutions.

S-Line upgrades the E-Line with automatic conveyor systems to serve the logistic movement from one system to the other.

P-Line, is merging all the bottle processing operations: Bottle crate loading, de-capping, emptying, washing (bottles & caps individually and separately), filling, re-recapping and unloading in a unique impressive compact system.

For those facilities autoclaving bottle with no water (to shorten the autoclave cycles), P-Line offers the possibility to break down configurations. Bottles, after washing, are capped without water. Afterwards, the P-Line automated filling and recapping unit, completes the workflow downstream of the autoclave.