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SCANBUR - improving life sciences. A family-owned company with more than 50 years of experience, a leading global provider of Life Science solutions.

We design, produce and provide innovative and superior biomedical research animal vivarium equipment which exceeds industry standards; rodent housing systems, associated air handling units, laminar air flow cage changing and cleaning stations, decontamination barrier air showers, washing/robot systems.

Moreover, we supply bedding and nesting materials, enrichments as well as an extensive range of research models.

In Scandinavia we represent leading animal research industry suppliers.

SCANBUR also consists of an educational department, Academy, which offers courses and seminars to animal technicians, researchers, veterinarians and facility managers.

.animal facility planning

We perform site surveys and assist your lay-outing and project management to help you optimize your investment and meet deadlines. After successful commissioning we offer hands-on training sessions for your personnel and are of course available should you need any following support.

.technical service

We provide service performed by skilled, experienced and qualified Field Service Technicians, and we have a long history of specialisation within the Laboratory Animal Facility area.



SCANBUR employ highly skilled and experienced veterinarians having an extensive network within this industry.

Their primary task is to share knowledge between research teams, equipment suppliers, breeders, authorities and key stake holders at universities as well as pharmaceutical companies. They have a keen in interest in optimizing reproducibility of research, facilitating 3R and animal welfare in general. A close cooperation with leading universities on documenting the effect of using new technologies is also a key part of their work.

At SCANBUR we fell obliged to share knowledge generated by numerous facilities, authorities and other specialist within the industry. Therefore, through our SCANBUR Academy our veterinarians arrange courses and seminars not only at the headquarter in Denmark, but also at universities or other locations close to our customers throughout Scandinavia, Central Europe or the UK.


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It is our mission successfully and professionally to market and service products for use at in vivo research and through this activity help to prevent and cure diseases: Improving Life Sciences.


We are preferred partner because we market the best products, we understand our clients' requirements and we provide a professional service before, during and after.
Our employees find joy and satisfaction in their daily work, because we prioritize continuous competence development to counsel and service our customers professionally.
We wish to attract employees who put the customer first.
We enjoy long and close working relationship with our partners which is characterized by an open and mutual respect.
We work with partners who put our customers first and who can put us at the forefront of the development of ethics and working environment.
We wish the surrounding community to look upon us as a business that delivers sustainable solutions to medical research.