Advancing Oncology & Immuno-Oncology Research Using NSG® Mice

If reproducibility and cross-border comparisons is important to your research, the wise choice is to select a frequently referenced model. The NSG® mouse is the most published triple immunodeficient mouse in biomedical research. Last time we did a PubMed search (4 November 2021) the NSG® mouse was used in 2124 articles!


Genetic integrity; NSG® mice colonies are carefully managed using a protocol designed to mitigate the cumulative impacts of genetic drift over time. The Jackson Laboratory, termed the Genetic Stability Program (GSP), pedigreed foundation breeding stocks of strains maintained using GSP are rebuilt from a pool of frozen embryos every five generations.


Global availability of locally-bred NSG® mice allows researchers from around the world to benefit from using the same, genetically standardised model. Available from four Charles River breeding locations in Europe and brought to you by SCANBUR.


For strain specifications go to NSG® Mice (JAX™ Mice Strain)


For whitepaper go to Advancing Oncology & Immuno-Oncology Research Using NSG® Mice


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