In Scandinavia SCANBUR represent some of the world’s leading animal research industry suppliers of quality equipment, research models and consumables. Key words describing our trading partners are: Uncompromising quality, innovation and product leadership.


A leading global company in the lab animal industry. They design and manufacture a wide range of equipment for housing of rodents. Moreover, they manufacture for example mobile cage changing stations and state-of-the-art automatic systems for monitoring individual cages. All based on solid scientific evidence documenting how their solutions support animal welfare and high-quality research. Tecniplast is also the supplier of the world’s most innovative product line for Zebrafish or other aquatic species for facilities of any size. 


With more than 50 years of experience, Edstrom is today is a worldwide leader in supply of automated animal drinking 
systems for vivariums. They design and manufacture the complete automated watering solution: From water purification and treatment to water distribution piping and drinking valves. Each systems is custom designed based on water quality, facility size, room layout, cage manufacturer, and animal species.


One of our valued suppliers of enrichment, bedding & nesting material. The aim of Datesand is to exceed the expectations of their customers, thus matching our philosophy. 

Special Diets Services

Experts in "Custom Diet Solutions" and only the highest grade raw materials are accepted at the manufacturing facility in the UK. Since 1991 SDS has had a Certificated Quality Management. In 2009 they obtained BS EN ISO 9001:2008 as well as a GMP + accreditation in 2010.

Charles River Laboratories

For more than 70 years, Charles River has seen technologies advance and new diseases emerge. Their one-man laboratory has evolved into a worldwide support network, allowing them to act as a steadfast partner to clients, from discovery to lot release testing. By carefully cultivating their portfolio, Charles River’s growth has become a continuous strategic effort in anticipating tomorrow’s drug development needs. While they cannot predict what the future holds, they continue to kindle the spark that inspired their founding: An urgency to advance human health by supporting our clients’ research every step of the way.

The Jackson Laboratory

Founded in 1929, is an independent nonprofit biomedical research institution based in Bar Harbor, Maine, with a National Cancer Institute-designated Cancer Center, a facility in Sacramento, Calif., and a genomic medicine institute in Farmington, Conn. It employs more than 2,100 staff, and its mission is to discover precise genomic solutions for disease and empower the global biomedical community in the shared quest to improve human health.


For more than 20 years IWT has specialised in the design, manufacture and installation of washing systems for both the life sciences and pharmaceutical industries worldwide as a company of the Tecniplast group.

Dr. Weigert

The technological advances of the 20th century have enabled automated cleaning and disinfection methods in trade and industry. Dr. Weigert has accompanied this process from the start. Their innovative products and concepts have always been the standard for first-class results.industries such as life sciences, pharma, university, electronic.


More than 50 years ago, Antonio Matachana started a business project with a clear objective: to offer a quality product and service. Over time, with the acquisition of knowledge and experience, constant investment in research and development as well as an on-going internationalization process, MATACHANA GROUP has established itself as a benchmark provider of technological solutions for the Healthcare and Life Science sectors. 


Amira is a key player in the controlled contamination environment sector. With headquarter in Italy, the company is focused on producing and distributing state-of-the-art instruments for particle and microbiological monitoring suitable for different industries such as life sciences, pharma, university, electronic. Founded in 2003, Amira collaborates with global industry leading partners to offer the best quality solutions for contamination containment, control and monitoring. In 2013 Amira started the production of Bioreset, the generator line for H2O2 V Phase biodecontamination, marketing it worldwide through a network of expert distributors.