Operating Table

A SCANBUR operating table which will last for years. A solid, easy to clean, well ventilated solution with options for heating and storage of anesthetized mice or rats.



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As standard the operating table is equipped with three modules according to your choice:

  • Heated for placement of cage with animals
  • Heated and down-ventilated for carrying out a procedure/operation
  • With anaesthetic box and down-ventilated to ensure removal of possible spillage

Personnel protection

The down-ventilated modules provide optimal protection of personnel; more perforations around the edge of the module, and less in the middle where the animal is placed.

To ensure an efficient removal of allergens and anaesthetic gases the extraction capacity is carefully calculated in order to obtain the best solution possible.

CORIAN® - a unique material

CORIAN® is a unique material, which has excellent heat distribution properties. Furthermore it has a homogenous surface, which can withstand most chemicals.


  • Operating area
  • Personnel protection


  • Height-adjustment, manual or electronic
  • Exhaust pipe, stainless steel or flexible