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Enriched environment

The combined shelter/resting shelf (freely mounted right or left in the cage) offers the rabbit a raised area/observation post as well as a possibility of physical activity, strengthening the musculature and preventing possible degeneration of bones and muscles in the hind legs. According to leading ethologists the rabbit believes itself hidden when it moves from a light area into a darker area through an opening. The shelter/resting shelf is therefore equipped with two openings to prevent that a dominant rabbit blocks the entrance.

Full mobility for the rabbit

The rabbit is free to stretch in the full height of the cage (internal height of 650 mm) and in the length of the cage (820 mm). The height above the resting shelf is sufficient to allow a rabbit to jump up on the shelf without bumping its head against the roof.

Easy to handle

Our rabbit cage systems are both easier to move around and to handle than 4- or 6-cage-systems. The racks are easy to connect, with two simple movements one person can connect or disconnect the racks. The side panels are easy to mount, no tools are required.

Easy to clean

The cage, roof and service trays as well as shelter/resting shelves, side and rear panels are removable. This allows the high pressure system of the rack washer to clean every corner of the system. The system can also be high pressure cleaned manually.