Storage Racks

Racks for mouse, rat and guinea pig cages


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These racks are specially suitable for

  • Behavioral studies
  • Breeding

Solid construction, fully welded stainless steel or aluminium, low noise level, requires no assembly.

Rack, Stainless Steel

The flexible rack of stainless steel is equipped with 4 or 5 wire mesh shelves in electro-polished stainless steel rods and 3 mm roof in Polypropylene, which is easily removed.

As standard equipped with 4 wheels (not autoclavable), 2 with brakes and 4 fenders, overlapping to allow for maximum use of space.


Rack, Aluminium

The flexible rack of aluminium is equipped with 7 or 8 adjustable shelves. The shelves consist of sections of removable/ autoclavable plastic grids.

The shelves are mounted in the rack with specially designed rubber suspension fittings, which reduce noise and vibration.

The flexible rack can be used in connection with Allergen Curtains.