Ventilated Cages (IVC) Mice & Rats

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Cage Liners

Disposable cage inserts to be used inside existing plastic cage bodies

  • Combining plastic cage reliability with the advantages of a disposable one
  • Cost-effective solution for contingency planning
  • Ideal for: irradiation and toxicology studies, imaging, quarantine and disaster recovery

Single Use Mouse Cage (SUMC)

Disposable housing solution made of recycled plastic providing traditional Tecniplast IVC performance and reliability.

  • Designed for special/temporary applications
  • Developed specifically to be compatible with Green Line racks
  • Easily adaptable from transportation to IVC configurations
  • SUMCs can be delivered with pre-bedded cage base and pre-filled water bottle
  • Ideal for: animal transportation, quarantine, stock contingency caging, temporary housing solutions, irradiation studies, and much more

Amousement Enrichment Portfolio

As stated in most guidelines and directives for use of laboratory animals, environmental enrichments increase not only physical activity, but also the expression of natural behavior patterns.

  • GYM500: Activity wheel specifically designed to promote mice voluntary activity in IVCs
  • MOUSE HOUSE: Provides a complex three-dimensional environment, within standard laboratory caging
  • MOUSE MEZZANINE: Simple to move between cages, as it fits the wire bar lid; fully autoclavable and washable; automation friendly
  • MOUSE POUCH LOFT: A dual-use mouse loft designed for facilities with automatic watering system that choose water pouches for special applications. If turned 180° it can function as a loft
  • MOUSE LOFT AND MOUSE BALCONY: A suspended environmental enrichment which creates a 3D environment but also a “safe haven” (e.g. in the unlikely event of a flood)

ML+ MML+ Library System

The system follows the bookshelves concept to increase the density: the Library system is available as Mouse Library Plus (ML+) where the racks are moved by the operator and as Motorized Mouse Library (MML+) where a motorized wheel activated by a button moves the racks.

  • Increased density thanks to the library bookshelf concept design
  • Runs smoothly on every kind of floor
  • Excellent animal welfare and no stress for mice: the system moves silently with no vibration

Transport Trolley & Recovery Rack

The IVC Transport Unit has been developed to move cages from stock/breeding rack to experimental areas, maintaining the same ventilated conditions of the IVC rack.

The IVC Recovery Rack ensures a controlled temperature and ventilation environment for animals during post-surgical treatment. It is equipped with a glass enclosure which allows good visibility and insulates the chamber thermally and acoustically.

  • Reliability: battery backup for continuous ventilation
  • Flexibility: suitable for mouse and rat cages
  • Excellent ergonomics in cage movement