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We take pride in developing close and long lasting working relationships with the best in their line of business. 

As a result we are working with the best suppliers of all our products, carefully selected because of their focus in the same values as ours:

Animal Welfare
Focus on environmental policy
Strong financial status


In SCANBUR Academy we strive to make our courses engaging and interactive.

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European Guidelines

The protection and welfare of animals is an area covered by a wide range of EU legislation. This includes the protection of zoo animals, animals in transport and animals used for scientific purposes.

Animal studies, whether for the development or production of new medicines, for physiological studies, for studying environmental effects or for the testing of chemicals or new food additives, has to be carried out in compliance with EU legislation.

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SCANBUR internationally renowned for its dedication to the Laboratory Animal Industry.

With 48 year of experience we are recognized for supplying products in the Nordic countries which are innovative and of a superior quality. The advice we are able to offer reflects our years of experience. As a consequence our team of employees is highly skilled and experienced professionals. Our concept is not to supply single products, but an individually tailored system of compatible products, services and training.