Cage Automation

Cage Automation

Available in DK, SE, NO & FI



With rackwasher


The ARES cage handling system provides tangible automation benefits to those facilities with limited footprint and budget, allowing a modular approach to automating your cage wash area.


In XT and XS configuration, the most reliable, versatile automated cage processing system for modern laboratory animal facilities housing large numbers of valuable rodents. Inevitably they have to process many cages and therefore need all the necessary equipment to keep things running smoothly, efficiently and economically.

With tunnelwasher:


A system able to manage not only cage bottoms but full cages, bottoms, tops and wire lids! APOLLO receives a trolley loaded with dirty assembled cages coming directly from animal rooms, disassembles the cages, dumps waste food and waste bedding and finally loads all the items on to a dedicated presentation rack, ready to be processed in any rackwasher.


A patented full automation system for tunnel washers application in those facilities where integral cage change is performed. Designed for medium-large size animal facilities, with an amount of 8000 to over 12000 integral cages to be processed a week.