EasyBHS - dirty & clean side

Available in DK, SE, NO & FI



Processes all types of bedding

The EasyBHS system is able to process all types of bedding (corn, wood or cellulose based) and all the common enrichment and nesting materials (wooden blocks, cardboard tubes, Enviro-dri, Isopads, etc…). The patented pre-filtration is still able to enhance filter life-span in the case of fibrous materials applications.

EasyBHS with BDS+
SmartPhone interface
Control EasyBHS with your SmartPhone
Workflow of EasyBHS

Suitable for rodent facilities

The EasyBHS system is suitable for applications in rodent animal facilities only, with a workload of about 7000 cages to be processed a week and distances ranging around 38 m (125 ft).

BDS+ with remote loading

Now by utilising the pure vacuum technology within the standard BDS+ we can convey the bedding from a remote loading hopper, this offers truly unique flexibility.

Disposal station is the central part

The disposal station remains at the heart of the design solution, exactly as per the centralized system, pre-treating the waste material prior to vacuum transfer. The key features such as the fine shredding of the material, the heat generation to reduce humidity, and the conveyor belt to regulate the volumes and flow of materials into the system all contribute to make this the most reliable entry level solution on the market.