DS100 Bedding Disposal Station

Available in DK, SE, NO & FI



High Protection from Exposure to Allergens

DS100 is a bedding disposal station designed to manage and control the levels of contamination generated during the dumping of big rodent cage bedding and animal waste, providing personnel and environmental protection from allergens and airborne contaminants inside the cabinet.

In both sides the air from the environment is drawn into the front access opening of the station at an average speed of 0.6 m/s and pass through a double pre-filtration system and a HEPA filter before being exhausted.

DS100 with cages
DS100 with trays
DS100 with trays
DS100 waste removal

Double working-side, for optimal containment

It features an accessible workplace, open on the front side, with integrated exhaust air filtered system. The working area is divided in two sides: the right side for carrying out the dumping of bedding and animal waste operations into dedicated containers. The left side for the positioning of the trolleys to hold cages and trays to be dumped.

Two level of pre-filtrations

The first level consists of two “G4” pre-filters with an average arrestance of Am=90% (Average synthetic dust weight arrestance) which trap large particulates. The second level is achieved by two rigid bag “F7” pre-filters with an elevated contact surface and an efficiency of 80% < Em<90% (Average atmospheric dust spot efficiency) on fine dusts.

Microprocessor controls and safety alarms

DS100 is provided with a control system featuring a microprocessor which automatically controls and keeps a suitable velocity of the air curtain. An acoustic and optical alarm system indicates the alarm condition.