DS72 Bedding Disposal Station

Available in DK, SE, NO & FI



High protection and safety

DS72 manages and controls the levels of contamination generated during the dumping of big rodent cage bedding and animal waste, providing personnel and environmental protection from allergens and airborne contaminants inside the cabinet.

In both sides the air from the environment is drawn into the front access opening of the station at an average speed of 0.6 m/s and pass through a double pre-filtration system and a HEPA filter before being exhausted. The air curtain protects the personnel and the surrounding room from emissions released from the bedding in order to guarantee the optimal personnel and room protection from allergens.

DS72 Easy removal of waste
DS72 control panel

Double working side

It features an accessible workplace, open on the front side, with Integrated exhaust air filtered system.The working area is divided in two sides: one side for carrying out the dumping o fbedding and animal waste operations into dedicated containers. The other side for the positioning of the trolleys to hold cages and trays to be dumped.

High cleanability & visibility

Working chamber made of stainless steel is easy to clean and less subject to accidental dentingor scratching. Clear Lexan®side panels allow good visibility.

Easy of use with the slide reduction funnel

DS72 features a waste bag trolley and a sliding reduction funnel allowing the operator to simplify waste bag removal under constant protection.

Microprocessor controls and safety alarms

The machine is provided with a control system featuring a microprocessor which automatically controls and keeps a suitable velocity of the air curtain. An acoustic and optical alarm system indicates the alarm conditions.