SDS Diets

Available in DK, SE, NO & FI


SDS are experts in custom diet solutions and only the best raw materials are accepted at the manufacturing facility in the UK. Since 1991 has SDS had a Certificated Quality Management and obtained BS EN ISO 9001:2008 in 2009 as well as GMP + accreditation in 2010. 

SDS offers to supply their standard animal diets, custom made diets made in accordance with your specifications, or established formulations such as AIN 76 or AIN 93. 

SDS manufactures all premixes on site and test them prior to use. This means that SDS has complete control over every aspect of diet manufacture even the addition of the smallest level of ingredients which can be the most biologically active and have the biggest impact on your research.

Diets are available in a variety of forms. We supply the diets in expanded as well as pelleted, however other diet forms are powder, gels and liquids.

Special diets fall into one of six groups depending on the specification:

Synthetic or purified raw material diets

Uses refined raw materials. Common synthetic raw materials that are used are casein, cornstarch, sucrose, cellulose and saturated or unsaturated fats. Due to the nature of the purified raw materials it allows the manipulation and targeting of specific nutrient levels.

Synthetic + cereal raw material diets

If the specification allows, natural ingredients (cereals) can be added to a synthetic diet.

Natural or cereal raw materials

These diets are mainly composed of cereals. Please see the ingredientslist in the above .pdf

Standard diet + additive

A wide range of additives such as cholesterol, minerals or your trial compounds can be added to a diet from the range at different cencentrations. The compounds can be sourced by SDS or by you. Where compounds are supplied we ask you to supply datasheets for safe handling (MSDS) to assist compliance with COSHH regulations.