Enrichments - all materials

The provision of environmental enrichment for research animals stems from the recognition that in addition to basic needs like food, water, warmth and health, housed animals have a physiological and psychological need to exert their natural behaviours.

Whether this involves searching for food, gathering nesting materials, playing, gnawing, hiding or exploration, they require activities that help pass time, and there is a considerable body of literature now that demonstrates the influence of an animal’s physical and social environment on research results. With the increasing research into animal welfare over the years, we now understand the importance of providing environmental enrichment to suit the specific requirements of the species or strains in question.

We have seen a huge growth in demand in this sector and as a leading supplier to the biotechnology community, we have worked very closely with our customers to develop enrichment to suit their specific requirements, whether these are to help provide a more comfortable and stimulated environment for the animals, or to help researchers with a specific function in their research protocols.

Each of our enrichment items has been selected with care to ensure its suitability for the research environment. All items are screened for safety and full traceability, and certificates of analysis are available to support GLP compliance.