Allergen Curtains

Allergen Curtains


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Sliding curtain system for allergen control. Designed to prevent personnel in animal departments from exposure to allergens from laboratory animals housed in open cages.

Allergen Curtain in use
Allergen Curtains close-up
Allergen Curtains in use


The curtains are designed to the room and the ventilation system in question. The design is based on room ventilation where inlet air is placed in the middle of the room and exhaust air is placed behind the curtains.

Vertical temperature gradient

In co-operation with well-known laboratory animal facilities, Scanbur has measured the vertical temperature gradient behind the curtains. Based on the results, the size of the curtains and the number of perforations in the curtains has been determined, in order to make sure that the gradient does not exceed 1.5°.

Washing / cleaning

The curtains are dismountable and can easily be cleaned.