Tritone Feeding system

Available in DK, SE, NO & FI



Exceptional feeding standardization

Tritone is the only automated feed delivery system for Zebrafish labs. Tritone standardizes the quantity of diet distributed, avoiding any great variability associated with more than one operator being involved in feeding operations. By means of the specific settable feeding timetables you can create your own diet calendar.

Unique design for both multiple liquid and dry feed delivery

Tritone can administer multiple dry diets (up to four different pellet sizes) as well as liquid diet (Artemia Salina).

Tritone rack
Tritone Display
Tritone Dispenser

Enhanced water quality

Tritone delivers the necessary amount of diet adjusted to the number of animals housed in a specific tank and according to their age, avoiding excess  food and maintaining the best water quality for your animals.

Improved hygiene

Tritone avoids any diet residues on tank lids, thus improving sanitary conditions and cutting down maintenance/washing procedures.