Available in DK, SE, NO & FI



Clean tank technology

The Zebtec system is equipped with the patented unique active siphon system, which, along with the special tank shape and colour, significantly reduces maintenance.

Water you can rely on

The ZebTEC system is able to trigger alarms related to pH probe calibration, conductivity probe calibration, temperature, filter replacement, and UV bulb life, for peace of mind and absolute satisfaction.

Zebtec fish check
Zebtec 3-5 liters
Zebtec Stand-alone rack
Zebtec handling

Superior materials

The entire ZebTEC product line is available in polysulfone plastic providing unsurpassed durability and safety.

Unique technical features

The “push and pull”valve with fine tune flow control prevents accidental water loss and allows for the operator to adjust flow to each tank. When water is delivered the valve locks the tank in the proper position. By pulling the valve up the water flow is stopped and the tank is easily removed. Each valve has a visual indicator which allows the operator to see at a glance if a tank has the proper water flow. Many of our systems come standard with pressure regulation to guarantee consistent flow from 5 WCH to a steady drip and everything in between.

Zebtec filter change
Zebtec display

Ease of use, saving time for your technicians

Each tank system can be easily disassembled into five basic parts (tank, lid, baffle, siphon, and siphon spring) for cleaning or storage within your facility.

Greater flexibility within your facility

ZebTEC tanks are available in 3,5L and 8,0L sizes. The 3,5L tank comes with the capability to separate the internal space into sections for isolated adult or smaller group housing. Tanks are completely interchangeable throughout the rack at any time without the need for equipment changes