Bio Containment

Bio Containment / Bio Exclusion

ISO Cage

  • Protection - HEPA filter at cage level provides the highest level of biosafety
  • Flexibility - save space and costs with multiple studies on a rack
  • Bio containment and Bio exclusion - choice of negative or positive pressure ventilation units
  • Energy saving - last generation blowers and electronic controls


ISOXL - BSL3 / 4 Containment

  • INLET and OUTLET ULPA filters
  • Sealed animal transfer box
  • External water bottle and feeder
  • Safe waste removal



DCC - Dynamic Containment Cage

DCC constitutes a very special, unique containment IVC system with peculiar performances in terms of environment for rats - a real revolution in terms of ergonomics and workload for users.


Drawer style - DCC

Designed for toxicology and pharmacology studies: Maximum ergonomics for frequent animal handling.