Metabolic cages

Metabolic Cages

Available in DK, SE, NO & FI



Reliable results of experiments

The faeces collection tube and the urine collection tube unlock with single twist from outside of cage, without disturbing the animals.

Practicality of use

Few pieces to assemble the cage. All components can be easily washed and autoclaved.

Metabolic rack
Metabolic single mouse
Metabolic for rats


By changing just a few components (feeders and floorgrids), the cage is adaptable to house mouse and rats of different sizes/weights.


The cage components are made of PC and PMP, which are extremely durable.

Space saving

Tecniplast offers a complete system, that holds 12 cages, allowing to minimize movements of individual cages when other cages are serviced or the entire rack is moved.

Conserve the collected specimens at a constant temperature

When adding the electronic temperature controller "E-Chiller" to the metabolic cages you maximize the reliability of the experiment.
Read more about E-Chiller by clicking here.