ScanClime® Humidity Control

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Humidity Control that Makes Sense

ScanClime is a decentralised ventilation and humidification unit that connects directly to IVCs and Scantainers. With ScanClime there is a new way to control humidity with greater flexibility, more reliable results, better control and significantly lower costs.

Planning made easy
Institution Leaders and Facility Managers will appreciate how ScanClime makes planning easy. Whether you need to respond to a change of direction or capacity, ScanClime allows you to adhere to the ever changing demands from the many stakeholders.

Take control of humidity
Scientific research professionals can rely on ScanClime to ensure that relative humidity (RH) levels meet the animal welfare recommendations of authorities. ScanClime ensures optimal laboratory animal housing conditions while reducing energy consumption.

Strong finances, fast payback
Technical and finance departments will value the low initial investment, substantial reduction in costs associated with energy and logistics as well as the ability to defer investments until the needs are imminent.

The smart way to modernise your facility
ScanClime is a great solution for upgrading existing facilities: It stabilises the humidity at the chosen set point, the animals remain healthy, your scientific results are more reliable. And you minimise the impact your energy consumption has on the environment.