ScanClime® Air Handling Unit

for IVCs or Scantainers

Available worldwide


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Relative humidity has a significant effect on the health of the rodents:

Click here to see a list of scientific papers describing how relative humidity affects the health of rodents and thereby potentially reproducibility of animal research.

And click here to take a closer look at this new study describing how fluctuating relative humidity - even within guidelines - has significant affect on the animals' water intake.

ScanClime provides a very accurate relative humidity for studies, where water intake is considered to be an important parameter. 

Very accurate control and documentation of relative air humidity:

  • Relative air humidity better than ±3% at any setting between 45% and 65% for enhanced reproducibility of animal research
  • Consistent relative air humidity all year round in IVCs or Scantainers for optimum animal health
  • Full compliance with legislation/guidelines for relative air humidity for husbandry
  • Stand-alone air handling units for maximum flexibility in design and use of animal facilities
  • Substantial energy savings compared to humidification at room level
  • Reduced build or refurbishment costs
  • HEPA filtration of air after humidification/dehumidification for maximum protection against contamination
  • Available with ScanEye providing online adjustment, monitoring and full documentation of settings and data logging
  • Performance is independent of mineral content/conductivity of local water supply. Available in versions for use with RO-water or tap water
  • Humidification of air without generation of ultrasound
  • Optional holder for health monitoring of air being returned from IVCs using Interceptor from Tecniplast
  • Applied by numerous animal facilities at leading universities and pharmaceutical companies

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